Paramount photograph of the cast of a 1930 PARAMOUNT film starring GEORGE BANCROFT (standing in center wearing dark suit and tie. To his right is the Director Rowland Lee. Bancroft made three films for Paramount in 1930 - Paramount on Parade, Ladies Love Brutes (yikes) and Derelict. Brutes and Derelict were directed by Lee, It could be either. Derelict was set in the Caribbean but Brutes is about a gruff developer who is introduced to refinement in the form of Mary Astor (nowhere to be seen in this photo). Anyhow the Jury is out on this pic as very feww of the people in it are recognizable except for Bancroft in his prime.

The photograph is in very good condition with some handling creases and corner wear. The back is stamped with the date Feb 17 1930.

The photo is from the collection of Roy Roberts who was a lighting and electrical engineer for Paramount from the late 1920s through the mid 1950s.