Not all characters are supported by all fonts. If a character is not supported for the font, the character will show up as a broken image on the final tracer page. Please forward this error screen to vps-1116677-13354. Cat Printables The following cat printables are excellent activities to print at create your own tracing worksheets for kids who love cats. Print and enjoy these fun and educational worksheets with your pre-school, kindergarten, or grade school kids. Cats are fun family pets with their own distinctive personalities.

Printable cat pages are perfect activities to take along to do at a restaurant, long car ride, or anywhere the child may have some time. These cat printables are available for parents to print at home or for teachers to print for school. If you enjoy these printables then please tell a friend. Cat Word Search Puzzles These cat word searches each have 20 words to find and a message in the uncircled letters of the word search puzzle. Cat Word Search 5: Fictional cats such as Garfield, Cheshire Cat, Puss in Boots, Snowball, etc. See our full selection of Printable Word Searches for Kids. Cat Dot to Dot Worksheet The cat dot to dot worksheet is a great activity for kids working on their number up to 100.

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